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We Have Fire!

Blowing a stray strand of her now damp hair with a frustrated huff, Miharu wrapped her arms around herself as she shivered furiously, her mahogany eyes glaring out into the vast forests beyond from where she sat huddled in a miserable ball against the trunk of the tree. As the over-sized raindrops hammered down upon the foggy earth below, she tried not to think about the fact that she was able to sit on the branch perfectly and not snap the wood in half due to her weight (not that she was that heavy, she mused), or the fact that she was small enough to use the drooping green leaf over her head as a makeshift umbrella…

Nope. That failed. She was still thinking about it. And she hated it.

It was bad enough that she was about the size of a thumbnail, and could easily be stamped on by something as small as a rat, or that she could even drown if she fell into a puddle, but the fact that the very reason why she was this small, the source of her current misery, confusion and fear…

…was sitting right next to her. And despite the look of absolute murder in her eyes as she stared out into the wilderness, she dared to scoot closer to her.

Miharu swore with an audible growl that if she moved any closer, that pixie would earn herself a nasty bruise.

Blinking away the droplets of water from her lashes, Fen stared at Miharu with hesitation as she chewed on her bottom lip, being careful not to pierce it with her fang again. The human girl nestled up against the tree, soaking wet despite the umbrella leaf she’d offered, was in a truly foul mood. And if the last few hours of their time together had taught the young fairy anything, it was that this particular human was best not to be trifled with whilst in such a state. Fen had learned that the hard way, and she had the bump on her head to prove it.

As the thunder boomed and rolled across the land, Fen wrapped her arms around her legs as she rested her chin on her knees, pouting glumly as she gazed at the frustrated human. Her wings pulsating subconsciously, Fen’s brows furrowed as she pondered over a way to at least make Miharu warmer. Fen wasn’t nearly as cold, for she had flames burning through her veins to keep her warm. However, the same could not be said for the poor girl sat beside her, who had just thrown the leaf away out of further frustration as she huffed. If this rain continued for much longer, the girl would surely get a cold or even freeze to death.

Giving her some of her own body warmth was out of the question; Fen knew that if she dared to touch her again, she would most likely end up with a black eye…

And then it struck her.

Her wings pricking up as she smiled, Fen hastily clambered to her feet, steadying herself easily on the thick tree branch as she held her hands out in front of her. In the corner of her eye, she caught Miharu casting her a weary but questionable glance, but brushed it aside for now as she closed her eyes, focusing and muttering a chant under her breath as she pressed her fingers together. In the next instant, her eyes snapped open once more as a flicker of fire appeared from the palm of her hand, which steadily grew until it was the size of a basketball (or the size of a ball in their terms anyhow).

Grinning at her success, Fen turned to Miharu, fluttering towards her as she held out the flame in between them. “You looked pretty cold,” she said pleasantly. “So I thought this would help. Does it?”

Blinking hard as her eyes went wide, Miharu stared down at the flame in the palm of the fairy’s hand, and then back up to study Fen herself. She was just as soaked as she was; her fiery red hair, once aloft and bouncy like a lion’s mane, was flattened damply against her head and her face, her orange rose petal dress was wilting and sticking against her body, outlining her slender yet somewhat muscular frame, and her tanned freckled skin, including her hands, were glossy with rainwater…

…and yet she had managed to make a fire that was still burning strong despite the fact that it was still hammering it down?

“…first, I get shrunk to the size of a pea,” Miharu began numbly as she stared into the flames that the fairy held out before her, “I get chased by a shape shifting falcon, I have to climb a giant tree to avoid drowning in a puddle…and now you are defying the laws of physics.”

Tilting her head to the right, Fen stared at Miharu in confusion. “There are laws of physics?” she asked innocently. “Is Physics another one of your gods?”

Despite herself and her current mood (or state of mind unless she was truly dreaming this) Miharu couldn’t bite back a chuckle as she moved closer to Fen, sighing happily as the warmth of the fire enveloped her. “I guess you could say that,” she replied. “…thanks, Fen,” she added quietly.

Beaming from ear to pointed ear, Fen nodded as she sat cross-legged beside the miniature human, glad that she was in better spirits now that she was getting warmer. “You’re welcome!” she chimed. “So does this mean I’m forgiven for accidently getting you shrunk?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Oh. But are you thinking it?”

Miharu allowed herself a faint smile. “…possibly.”
(Original Story Test): We Have Fire!
Hi guys! It's been forever since I've posted ANYTHING on here, but here is something special I'm planning!

I'm starting my own original story (not yet named) that involves Fantasy. The basic plot is this:

A girl named Miharu, a Japanese American teenager , is suffering the recent loss of her dad in the army. Whilst she runs out into the woods nearby where she lives to get away from her grief, she comes across a part of the forest that she'd never seen before. Whilst there, she intervenes a Falcon in it's attempt to catch what Miharu deems is a butterfly...but turns out to be a fire wielding fairy named Fen. After the falcon, who shape shifts into an elvish sorcerer, shrinks her to Fen's size as penance for interrupting his meal, the two make a hasty escape and venture deeper that Miharu had ever gone into the forest.

Now the size of a thumbnail with no one but the wild and eccentric Fen to help her, Miharu must find a way to get back to her normal size and get back to her home where her distraught mother awaits her, without getting eaten or stepped on by anything in the process. And between the odd pair of adventurers, a friendship like never before starts to bloom...

What do you guys think so far? Let me know, and I'll post some character designs later! XD
I know, it's been forever since I've posted on here, but don't worry! I've got this summer project thing going on, an i'll be scanning the pages I do onto here! Until then, I'll be seeing you later!

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